Aries Horoscope for 21-May-2018

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So, if you're a star sign Aries, this week Uranus has left your sign. Uranus is now in the next sign, over Taurus.

So all of that mental energy that I talked about last week has kind of settled down. And with the new moon in Taurus happening at the beginning of last week, you know, now you have this opening up of, you know, something new, and perhaps you're grounding certain ideas or plans that you've had for a while, due to that Uranian energy.

Now, there may be some conflict, and I don't mean external conflict necessarily, although it can manifest externally, but more likely internal conflict between, you know, how you feel mentally about one thing, and then how you feel emotionally. Or how you think and how you feel, basically. And so, this process is gonna go on and off for a long time, and I would just recommend you just let it happen.

Don't be too concerned about trying to, you know, make it not happen, or, you know, or be just, you know, suppressed. Whenever it breaks into your court, just face it, and I promise every single conflict will be a learning situation, and more harmony will come through that. So yeah, that's what you can expect this week.

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