Gemini Horoscope for 10-Jun-2018

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So if you are a star sign Gemini this week, well then, we've got some big news for you.

You're gonna have a new moon in your sign with the sun and the moon conjunct. And this is a new beginning for everyone in the zodiac because it happens once every month and it's part of the cycle, the lunar cycle.

But it's also important for you specifically, as a Gemini because this is a part of a year long cycle that all signs go through where there is a new moon in your sign and then half a year later, there's a full moon in your sign or at when the sun is in the opposite side.

So this is a very culminating moment for you the beginning of this week 'cause it's happening on Wednesday and so perhaps you're gonna shut down some project at work.

You finished it off and you're just gonna just sit enjoy what's happened or maybe it didn't go so well and you need to reconsider and start thinking, okay where did I go wrong?

How can I move forward properly or maybe your relationship's ending or maybe just a phase of your life is going away. And it's all ending so that new things can grow out of that. And so as the week goes by, there are perhaps gonna be some new opportunities opening up for you or perhaps it may simply be emotional or mental where as new ways of perceiving things, new ways of understanding the world around you open themselves up to you and there's that potentiality for a perspective shift and that happens each year in the new moon in your sign.

Now some other things that are happening with the ruler of your sign, Mercuries. Mercury is going to be given a supportive sextile aspect from let's see, from Uranus because Mercury on the same day that it is a new moon in your sign is moving into the next sign, Cancer and so there's likely to be more intuitive less, less logical, mental thought process going on.

Maybe more emotionally laden. And so perhaps this is a new avenue of emotional expression that you're gonna experience throughout the rest of this year.

And then at the very end of the week, you're gonna have an opposition from Saturn and so perhaps, maybe there will be some people in your life that are gonna try to hold you down too much or something and just deal with it when it comes your way, depending on the situation.

Let your, not your emotions, but your intuition guide you. So if you'd like to learn more, just click on the button below and I'll be here waiting for you.


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