Gemini Horoscope for 14-May-2018

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So if you're a Gemini this week, there's not a whole bunch planetary level going on in Gemini. Venus will be exiting Gemini at the very end of the week, and Venus is the planet of love, of beauty, aesthetics, harmony, and you can take this on a material, emotional, mental, or even spiritual level. It is a synthesizing planet, and so you've likely felt very light and maybe there's been some fortunate things that have been going on for you recently, and maybe you feel like you're more collected and more whole as a person.

Which is great!

I hope you've been using that energy constructively. It's going to be leaving and going from an air sign into a water sign. The planet Venus in a water sign, very emotional, very sensitive, very caring about not only their own emotions, but of other people's emotions. and maybe a little psychic sensitivity at that time but that just depends on who you are as a person.

Now, in addition to that your natural ruler Mercury is in the sign Taurus, or it's gonna enter it at the beginning of this week, and there's a mutual reception there between Venus, the ruler of Taurus, and Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, and they're in there complimentary signs. Likely that harmonious sense of beauty and harmony is going to be an intellectual one, and that's right at home because you're an air sign, so you're right at home in your mind and in your thoughts and in the castles in the air that you create.

Now, there's a new moon going on at the beginning of this week in Taurus, and so that mental energy that is afforded to you by Mercury is also going to be further enhanced by a time of beginnings, so use this time to set forth maybe a new train of thought or a new attitude, or maybe a new approach to your relationships. Yeah, that's pretty much what you can expect this week.

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