Leo Horoscope for 21-May-2018

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So if you're a star sign Leo, this week there's gonna be two aspects happening at the beginning of the week that are gonna be of particular importance to you because the ruler of your sign, the sun, is going to be coming into an exact sextile, or excuse me, semi sextile aspect, with Uranus as soon as it enters Gemini.

So as the season changes from Taurus to Gemini, you're likely to feel a certain bump in your intuition. On Monday and Tuesday you're likely to feel more mentally quick and perhaps maybe you'll feel more expressive and stronger in your sense of individuality.

And then on let's see, on Tuesday Wednesday, you're gonna have a sextile to Chiron. And Chiron is the scar on the soul, or in a higher perspective, it's called the Wounded Healer. And Chiron represents the energy of harmony through conflict. And so perhaps you'll have some inner conflict resolve near the mid of, early mid this week.

And the semi sextile from Uranus can help you reach that sense of resolution through a quickened mind, and a liberated feeling or spirit. So just watch out for that as Chiron in Aries is pretty strong. It's one of its affinities. Or it's just a, Aries works well with the planet Chiron. So yeah, that's pretty much what you kinda have to look forward to this week.

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