Pisces Horoscope for 21-May-2018

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So, if you're a star sign Pisces, this week, there is going to be a week-long trine between the two co-rulers of your sign. Neptune, in your own sign, Pisces, which is very strong placement and Jupiter in Scorpio.

So, you're intuition is likely really on point because a trine is a a highly constructive and that and the sextile are the two most harmonious and easygoing aspects in astrology and in an astrological charts. So you're likely to feel a strong amount of intuition and emotional resonance with others and also a sense of peace.

There's not gonna be any major conflicts that are gonna be going on, at least on the emotional level. Now, I can't speak of, you know, perhaps on the mental level, you might feel some disruptive energy, but, that'll just be determined by the makeup of your own natal chart. So, I would recommend for you this week, is to just keep on going with whatever it is that you've been paying attention to since, perhaps, you started something new as the new moon in Taurus happened at the beginning of last week.

I would just say keep going and I would say pay attention to your dreams because they may give you incredible insight and feel free to take some quiet time too because part of having that emotional peace is taking care of yourself and as Pisces are generally a very sensitive sign, I would highly recommend you take some peace and quiet out of each and every day this week and honestly, in the coming weeks because that aspect, I think, is gonna stay at least for another week. So, anyways, that's pretty much al I can say.

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