Case Western Reserve University Applications are Open for Admission for the 2023-2024 Academic Session

Great news awaits you! Case Western Reserve University is thrilled to announce that applications for the 2023-2024 academic session are now open.

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We are fully committed to providing an innovative and transformative educational experience. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey.

To increase your chances of admission, we highly recommend familiarizing yourself with our comprehensive admission guidelines and requirements.

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About Case Western Reserve University

Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) is a prestigious non-profit private institution founded in 1826. Located in Cleveland, Ohio, it offers a vibrant educational experience in an urban environment. CWRU is officially accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and boasts a large student body, with an enrollment range of 10,000-14,999 students.

At CWRU, students can pursue bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees across various fields of study. The university maintains a rigorous admission process, considering entrance examinations, academic records, and grades. With an acceptance rate ranging from 30-39%, CWRU is known for its selectivity. International students are encouraged to apply for enrollment and contribute to the diverse campus community.

In addition to academic programs, CWRU offers comprehensive facilities and services to enhance student’s educational journeys. These include a well-equipped library, comfortable housing options, state-of-the-art sports facilities, financial aid programs, scholarships, study abroad opportunities, and online courses for distance learning. Administrative services are also provided to ensure a smooth experience for students.

With a rich history spanning 197 years, Case Western Reserve University continues to prioritize excellence in education, fostering an environment where students can thrive and achieve their academic goals.


Why study at Case Western Reserve University?

There are several reasons why studying at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) can be a great choice. Here are some key factors that make CWRU an attractive institution:

  • Academic Excellence: CWRU is consistently ranked among the top research universities in the United States. It offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs across various disciplines, including science, engineering, business, humanities, social sciences, and more. The university has a strong focus on interdisciplinary education, encouraging students to explore multiple fields of study.
  • Research Opportunities: CWRU is renowned for its research programs and provides students with numerous opportunities to engage in cutting-edge research. With access to state-of-the-art facilities and collaboration with world-class faculty, students can gain valuable hands-on experience and contribute to advancements in their respective fields.
  • Strong Faculty: CWRU boasts an impressive faculty consisting of accomplished scholars, researchers, and industry experts. These dedicated professors are committed to providing high-quality education, mentorship, and guidance to students. They bring real-world experience and expertise into the classroom, enriching the learning environment.
  • Vibrant Campus Life: CWRU offers a vibrant and diverse campus life with numerous student organizations, clubs, and extracurricular activities. Whether you are interested in arts, sports, community service, or joining academic or cultural clubs, there is something for everyone. Engaging in these activities can help you build friendships, develop leadership skills, and create a well-rounded college experience.
  • Location: Situated in Cleveland, Ohio, CWRU benefits from being part of a thriving and dynamic city. Cleveland is known for its rich cultural heritage, world-class healthcare institutions, and opportunities for internships and job placements. The university’s location provides students with access to a wide range of career prospects and networking opportunities.
  • Scholarships and Financial Aid: CWRU is committed to making education accessible. The university offers various scholarships, grants, and financial aid programs to assist students in managing the cost of education. This support can help alleviate the financial burden and make studying at CWRU more affordable.
  • Alumni Network: CWRU has a strong and active network of alumni who have excelled in various fields globally. Being part of this network can provide students with valuable connections, mentorship, and career opportunities after graduation.

It’s important to conduct thorough research and consider your own academic and personal goals when choosing a university. Visiting the campus, talking to current students and faculty, and reviewing the specific programs you are interested in can provide further insights to help you make an informed decision.


Case Western Reserve University identity

  • Name of the university: Case Western Reserve University
  • Acronym: CWRU
  • Year of creation: 1826
  • Motto: Think beyond the possible
  • Colours Blue, white and gray


University of Cincinnati Campus Location

Address: 10900 Euclid Avenue


44106 Ohio

United States

Tel +1 (216) 368 2000

Fax +1


Case Western Reserve University Areas of Study and Degree Levels

UniRank Study Areas and Degree Levels Matrix™

Undergraduate level:

  • Arts & Humanities
  • Language & Cultural Studies
  • Business & Social Sciences
  • Medicine & Health
  • Science & Technology
  • Engineering

Postgraduate level:

  • Arts & Humanities
  • Language & Cultural Studies
  • Business & Social Sciences
  • Medicine & Health
  • Science & Technology
  • Engineering

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Case Western Reserve University – tuition fees

  • Undergraduate:
    Local students: Tuition fees range from over 50,000 US dollars (over 45,570 euros) to 45,000-49,999 US dollars (41,010-45,570 euros).
    International students: Tuition fees range from over 50,000 US dollars (over 45,570 euros) to 45,000-49,999 US dollars (41,010-45,570 euros).
  • Postgraduate:
    Local students: Tuition fees range from over 50,000 US dollars (over 45,570 euros) to 45,000-49,999 US dollars (41,010-45,570 euros).
    International students: Tuition fees range from over 50,000 US dollars (over 45,570 euros) to 45,000-49,999 US dollars (41,010-45,570 euros).


Case Western Reserve University Admission Information

Admission Information

Here is some basic admission information for Case Western Reserve University as published by uniRank:

  • Admission Gender: Case Western Reserve University admits both men and women, making it a coeducational institution.
  • Admission Selection: Case Western Reserve University follows a selective admission policy. The selection process is based on entrance examinations, students’ past academic records, and grades.
  • Acceptance Rate: Case Western Reserve University has an acceptance rate range of 30-39%, indicating that it is a highly selective higher education institution.

Admission Requirements: To be considered for admission, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • A secondary school GPA is required.
  • Secondary school rank is required.
  • A secondary school record is required.
  • Completion of a college-preparatory program is required.
  • Recommendations are required.
  • Formal demonstration of competencies is neither required nor recommended.
  • Admission test scores are required.
  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is required.
  • Other tests (Wonderlic, WISC-III, etc.) are neither required nor recommended.
    International Admissions: Case Western Reserve University welcomes applications from international students.

Admission Office: The admission office is located in Wolstein Hall, Cleveland. You can contact them at (216) 368 4450.

Source: IPDES

Case Western Reserve University Enrollment Profile

  • Student Enrollment:
    Case Western Reserve University is a large-sized institution with a student enrollment ranging from 10,000 to 14,999.
  • Academic Staff:
    The institution employs a range of 1,000 to 1,499 academic employees (faculty).
  • Control Type:
    Case Western Reserve University is a privately funded higher education institution.
  • Entity Type:
    Case Western Reserve University is a non-profit organization dedicated to higher education.
  • Academic Calendar:
    The institution follows a semester-based academic calendar.
  • Campus Setting:
    The main campus of Case Western Reserve University is situated in an urban environment.
  • High Percentage of Disabled Students:
    Case Western Reserve University is known for its inclusivity and disability-friendly environment, as it has a significant percentage of disabled students.
  • Religious Affiliation:
    Case Western Reserve University is not affiliated with any religious organization.

Case Western Reserve University Carnegie Classification

According to uniRank, Case Western Reserve University is officially classified under the Carnegie classification as follows:

  • Basic Classification: Doctoral Universities with Very High Research Activity
  • Size & Setting: It is a large, four-year institution with a highly residential campus.
  • Enrollment Profile: The majority of students enrolled are at the graduate level.
  • Undergraduate Profile: It is a four-year institution primarily focused on full-time undergraduate education. It is more selective in its admissions process and has a lower number of transfer students.
  • Undergraduate Instructional Program: The university offers a balanced curriculum encompassing both arts and sciences as well as professional programs. There is a strong coexistence between undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Graduate Instructional Program: The university provides comprehensive programs at the research doctoral level, including medical and veterinary schools.


CWRU Facilities and Services

Facilities and Services

Case Western Reserve University offers a range of facilities and services to enhance the student experience and support their academic and personal development. Here is an overview of the offerings:

  • Library: Case Western Reserve University’s Library is a valuable resource for students. The university has a physical library with four branches. The library collection includes a diverse range of physical and digital/electronic items. As of 2021, the library reported a substantial collection of 1,184,207 physical volumes, 78,018 physical media, 60,988 digital/electronic media, and access to 753 licensed digital/electronic databases. The library is managed by a dedicated team of 89 full-time employees, including 41 librarians. The university invests more than $100,000 annually in maintaining and expanding its library resources. (Source: IPDES)
  • Housing: Case Western Reserve University provides housing options for students, both on-campus residences or dormitories, as well as off-campus accommodation. The university offers on-campus housing facilities, and during the 2021 academic year, the total dormitory capacity, whether on or off campus, was approximately 4,494 students. (Source: IPDES)
  • Sports Facilities: The university offers sporting facilities and organizes various sports activities for its students, promoting physical fitness, teamwork, and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Financial Aid: Case Western Reserve University understands the financial challenges students may face and offers various types of financial aid to eligible students. These may include scholarships, grants, loans, tuition waivers, emergency financial aid, and other forms of assistance.
  • Study Abroad: The university provides opportunities for students to participate in study abroad and exchange programs, allowing them to broaden their horizons, gain international exposure, and experience different cultures while continuing their education.
  • Distance Learning: Case Western Reserve University offers distance learning options for select programs or courses. The university provides undergraduate and graduate courses through distance education, enabling students to pursue their education remotely. (Source: IPDES)
  • Academic Counseling: The university offers academic counselling services to students, providing guidance and support in their academic pursuits. Academic counsellors assist students in planning their course schedules, exploring academic interests, and achieving their educational goals.
  • Career Services: Case Western Reserve University provides comprehensive career services to help students successfully transition from academic life to the professional world. These services include career counselling, career assessments, job and internship postings, career events, alumni networking opportunities, and other resources to support students in their career development.
  • Case Western Reserve University strives to provide a wide range of facilities and services to create a conducive learning environment and ensure the overall well-being and success of its students.

Case Western Reserve University’s Accreditation List

Institutional Recognition and Accreditation

Case Western Reserve University has received legal recognition and accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission.

Year of Initial Recognition or Accreditation: 1913

The university also holds various specialized or programmatic accreditations, some of which are listed below. Please note that this list may not be exhaustive, and additional accreditations may exist.

  • American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology
  • Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education
  • Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant
  • American Bar Association, Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar
  • American Psychological Association, Commission on Accreditation
  • Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business
  • Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Education Programs, Inc.
  • Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
  • American Dental Association, Commission on Dental Accreditation
  • Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET
  • American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Council on Academic Accreditation
  • Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs
  • Council on Education for Public Health
  • Council on Social Work Education, Board of Accreditation
  • Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET
  • Liaison Committee on Medical Education
  • National Association of Schools of Music, Commission on Accreditation
  • Teacher Education Accreditation Council
    Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and there may be other specialized accreditations that are relevant to Case Western Reserve University.

Case Western Reserve University Affiliations and Membership

The following is a compilation of Case Western Reserve University’s significant affiliations and memberships, as published by uniRank. If you know of any other relevant higher education-related organizations that this university is affiliated with, please feel free to share.

  • Association of American Universities (AAU)
  • Association of Independent Technological Universities (AITU)
  • Association of American Law Schools (AALS)
  • National Athletic Association (NAA)
  • National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)


Case Western Reserve University’s academic structure

  • Case School of Engineering
  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • School of Law
  • School of Medicine
  • Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing
  • Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences
  • School of Dental Medicine
  • School of Graduate School
  • Weatherhead School of Management


Case Western Reserve University Social Media Platform

Social Media Reviews

uniRank provides concise evaluations, rankings, and metrics for various social media channels associated with Case Western Reserve University. These assessments serve as a useful starting point for comparisons and an additional tool to aid potential applicants in their selection process.

  • Facebook: Review of Case Western Reserve University’s official Facebook page.
  • Twitter: Review of Case Western Reserve University’s official Twitter page.
  • YouTube: Review of Case Western Reserve University’s official YouTube channel.
  • Instagram: Review of Case Western Reserve University’s official Instagram page.
  • LinkedIn: Case Western Reserve University’s primary LinkedIn profile.
  • TikTok: Not applicable (no specific information available at this time).


Admission Websites:

To get more information about the admission process, kindly visit Case Western Reserve University’s admission official website to get the latest updates.


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