Emile Boutmy Scholarship

Emile Boutmy Scholarship for Bachelor’s & Master’s program

The Emile Boutmy Scholarship Program 2023 in France is a huge step forward for brilliant students with strong academic records. This is a very good opportunity for top-performing students from countries outside of the European Union.

If you wish to study in France then don’t miss this opportunity, kindly read this article to the end for steps on how to apply.

Opportunity Description

The Emile Boutmy Scholarship Program 2023 in France is a huge step forward for brilliant students with strong academic records. This is a very good opportunity for top-performing students from countries outside of the European Union. Top candidates who meet the admission requirements for each undergraduate and master’s degree level are encouraged to apply to France’s top-ranked institution. The Sciences Po Scholarship is a mark of distinction for those who want to reach the pinnacle of success after enrolling at Sciences Po. It allows prospective students to take advantage of a variety of benefits throughout their program.

Important Details

  • Host Country: France
  • University: The Institute of Political Studies in Paris. Sciences Po is also known as the University of France, Sciences Po Paris, or just Sciences Po.
  • Scholarship Type: Partially Funded
  • Degree Level: Bachelor’s and Master’s

Application Deadlines:

Bachelor’s: Feb 22, 2023

Master’s: Nov 30, 2022

Benefits of Emile Boutmy Scholarship:

Tuition fee grants for Bachelor’s Degree:

  • Tuition fee subsidies will be granted to candidates in a variety of forms:
  • €13,190 per year for three years.
  • €8,800 per year for three years.
  • €6,000 per year for three years.
  • €3,600 per year for three years.

Tuition fee grants for Master’s Degree:

  • The Émile Boutmy program is a tuition grant that covers a portion of the tuition for the Master’s degree program’s two years. Every year, it is worth €12,200 per year.


  • If you do not validate your academic year, your scholarship will be forfeited.
  • The year abroad is the third year of the undergraduate program, and scholarship holders will keep their additional cost-of-living award and tuition fee grant (if applicable).
  • The Émile Boutmy scholarship is automatically renewed if the student decides to continue with graduate studies at Sciences Po.
  • If you are awarded a scholarship and choose to defer your admission, you will forfeit your award.

Eligibility Criteria for Emile Boutmy Scholarship:

  • Candidates must hold a foreign secondary school diploma from a non-French secondary school.
  • Candidates must be citizens of a country that is not a member of the European Union.
  • The candidate’s household should not be a European Union tax filer.
  • Get accepted into a Sciences Po University’s undergraduate/master program.
  • Candidates with dual nationality, including EU citizenship, are ineligible.
  • Exchange students are not eligible to apply either.
  • Candidates must be fluent in French or English, depending on the program they are applying for.
  • Furthermore, this scholarship cannot be combined with other scholarships such as the Eiffel Scholarship, BGD…etc.

Admission Required Documents:

  • CV
  • All official transcripts and certificates
  • Passport copy
  • An academic reference
  • English test score
  • Evidence of income and documentation describing the family circumstances are required for both undergraduate and graduate programs.

How to apply for Émile Boutmy Scholarship?

  • For Science Po University to consider your Émile Boutmy scholarship application, you must first apply to one of Science Po University’s Bachelor or Master programs and get accepted.
  • The Emile Boutmy scholarship must be applied for directly through the Sciences Po online application. To apply, follow the instructions on the online application by clicking on the links below.
  • Students must indicate that they are applying for the Emile Boutmy scholarship in the “Financial information” section of their Sciences Po application, noting that it may require applicants to submit documentation outlining their family situation and proof of income (e.g., income tax returns for both parents, payslips, divorce certificate, unemployment benefits, documents related to alimony, child support, or retirement pensions, death certificate…).
  • Applicants must also submit their language test results, if applicable, prior to the scholarship application deadline.

Apply Now

Points to be considered:

  • It is not possible to reapply for the Émile Boutmy scholarship if you have previously been denied.
  • They will only consider complete applications.
  • If an application is received after the deadline, it will be rejected.
  • You can learn more about our application procedures by clicking on the following links:
  •    Undergraduate College
  • Graduate programs

Important: Students cannot apply for the Émile Boutmy scholarship after being admitted to Sciences Po or during their studies at Sciences Po. If a student is not awarded the Émile Boutmy scholarship, he or she is responsible for finding alternative funding.

  • Émile Boutmy scholarships are awarded by the Admissions Department.

Selection Criteria:

  • The host institution awards this scholarship based on merit and the profile of candidates for this program. Social factors are also important.
  • Furthermore, candidates must demonstrate their interest in the program by applying directly through the online bachelor’s/master’s degree application form.

For further details about Emile Boutmy Scholarship for Bachelor’s & Master’s program, please refer to host university’s website.


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