Gates Cambridge Scholarship-Fully Funded Scholarship 2023

Gates Cambridge Scholarship is offered to students who wish to study in the United Kingdom. Interested applicants can apply. 


On this page, I will explain to you in detail about the Scholarship. I will also explain how to apply for the scholarship easily, and how to benefit from the scholarship scheme. If you don’t want to miss this golden opportunity ensure you read this article to the end.

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship 2023-2024 is a fully funded scholarship for international students, providing a stipend of £18,744 per annum, health insurance, academic development funding of up to £2,000, and a family allowance.


About Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Gates Cambridge Scholarship was established in 2000 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. $210 million was donated to support the highest-achieving graduate students at Cambridge University.

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship offers one of the most prestigious and competitive scholarships in the world to outstanding students with the aim of helping them to maximize their potential. For the past decades, Gates Cambridge Scholarship has provided scholarships to 1.3% of students.

The  Scholarship is open to postgraduate students with professional or academic ties. The  Scholarship has offered scholarships to more than 2000 students in more than 110 countries and 200 Gates Cambridge Scholars are studying at Cambridge University in the UK.

In 2002, a committee of students was elected by Gates Cambridge Scholars as the Gates Scholars’ Council. A Gates Scholars Council was set up to represent Gates Scholars at Cambridge and to create a community between scholars and the University.

In conjunction with the Gates Cambridge Trust, the university, and various academic and professional scholars, the scholar’s council organizes several academic, social, and professional conferences to build and expand the academic portfolio of Gates Scholars at Cambridge University.

Gates Cambridge Scholarships are well known for its dedication to academics and the community at Cambridge. For the first time in 2005, the Gates Scholar also expanded a network of Gates Scholars Alumni Associations. This was to foster friendships and contracts as well as bridge the gap between different generations of scholars.

In 2023, the Scholarship will be offering 80% fully funded scholarships to outstanding international students wishing to pursue a full-time postgraduate degree at Cambridge University. 2/3 of these scholarships will be granted to PhD students, with 25 scholarships for US nationals and 55 for international students.


Gates Cambridge Scholarship Summary

  • Area of specialization: Master’s, PhD
  • Tertiary: Cambridge University
  • Location of study: United Kingdom
  • Courses offered: All courses, even though some courses are not offered at Cambridge University.
  • Duration of Program: For a PhD student is three years while for a Master’ Student is two years

List of Courses not offered in Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Any Undergraduate degree such as BA (undergraduate) or BA affiliated (a second BA)
Business Doctorate (BusD)
Master of Business (MBA)
Master of Finance (MFin)
MBBChir Clinical Studies
MD Doctor of Medicine degree (6 years, part-time)
Graduate Course in Medicine (A101)
Part-time degrees
Non-degree courses


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Benefits of the Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Successful applicants will be entitled to the following benefits

  • Composition fee by the University
  • If you are a single student, you will receive a maintenance allowance for 12 months at a ratio of 23(£18,744); PhD students get a maintenance allowance over 4 years.
  • One economy single stipend at the starting point and ending point of the program
  • Inbound visa costs and the immigration health surcharge
  • Funds for academic costs range from £500 to up to £2000 based on the duration of your program.
  • The family allowance is £10,944 for one child and for more than one child it is £15,612.
  • Fieldwork stipends are awarded during the program for PhD students.
  • Funds for maternity and paternity maintenance
  • Funding for difficult moments encountered by scholars.


Criteria for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Gates Cambridge Scholarship has four criteria, and this includes:

  • Academic Excellence: This can be seen in a student’s academic transcript, references, work experience, and potential for success in the chosen career. To prove compliance, a departmental nomination is required.
  • The applicant must possess a strong desire for dedication, diligence, and the skills necessary to complete the course for which they have applied.
  • Committed to improving the lives of the underprivileged. As one of their traits, scholars should be able to demonstrate a profound commitment to the lives of people in the society in which they live and work. Commitment can be made in the past, today, or in the future.
  • Applicants should be capable of being leaders. Oaths must be taken by applicants to “carry others along” as the future leaders of their communities.

Steps to apply for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Ensure you follow the instructions on this page to be eligible for the Scholarship

  • To apply for the  Scholarship, choose a course and a college, along with a funding option.
  • Create an account on the Gates Cambridge Scholarship website.
  • Submit your personal information.
  • Upload these documents 1. Gates Cambridge Statement which must not be more than 3000 characters, stating your intentions for applying for the scholarship. Also, state how your potential traits would meet the four criteria. 2. Upload your CV/resume. 3. Research Plan for PhD students only. 4. The Gates reference explains how you qualify for the scholarship.
  • Answer the scholarship application questions.
  • Submit your application.


Eligibility for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship

  • Language: English
  • Country of origin: All nationalities
  • Record of academic excellence and performance.
  • Show a strong argument for choosing a particular degree at Cambridge University.
  • Show commitment to making a difference in the lives of people living around you.


Contact details: To get more information about Gates  Scholarship, please visit Gates  Cambridge official website to get the latest updates.

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