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Honjo Scholarship Foundation -Fully Funded Scholarship 2023- A step-by-step guide to apply

Honjo Scholarship Foundation is currently open for the upcoming 2023 fall and spring semesters. Interested applicants are called to apply.

If you want to know more about the Honjo Scholarship, its benefits, how to apply, and how to benefit from it, ensure you sit down and carefully read this article to the end. Because I will explain everything to you in full detail.


About the Honjo Scholarship Foundation

Honjo Scholarship Foundation was approved by the minister of education as an incorporated scholarship foundation on December 25th, 1996. This scholarship foundation was funded by the late Mr Masanori Honjo, founder of Itron, Ltd. Honjo Scholarship Foundation offers fully funded scholarships to international students other than Japan Students.

Honjo Scholarship Foundation offers scholarships to master’s, undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students. The scholarships cover the costs of accommodation, travel stipends, monthly allowances, and other expenses.

Honjo Scholarship Foundation was set up to provide scholarships for intelligent students who are finding it difficult to study in their home country as well as to support Japanese students who are studying abroad to have comprehensive knowledge of technologies

and to strengthen their mindset towards establishing a link between Japan and other parts of the world, in terms of building mutual relationships and understanding the culture of other parts of the world.

Scholarship applications are accepted during the fall and spring academic semesters. Successful applicants are not required to repay the amount they have received from the Honjo Scholarship Foundation. All expenses including accommodation are fully funded by the Honjo Scholarship.

Similarly, as a beneficiary of this scholarship, you are not allowed to affiliate yourself with another scholarship. The Honjo Scholarship program offers full funding for students pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree at a higher education institution in Japan. You must have a comprehensive understanding of building international relationships and be accountable.

Similarly, you must avail yourself of the opportunity to attend any program conducted by the Honjo Scholarship Foundation and take part in their activities as an alumni member. Successful applicants should endeavour to be able to speak the Japanese language daily.


Honjo Scholarship Foundation – Summary of Program

  • Convener of the program: – Honjo Scholarship Foundation in Japan
  • The focus of Study: – All areas of discipline in Japanese Universities
  • Awards Given: 10 awards
  • Duration of study: 5 years
  • Eligibility: Open to students of different nationalities.

Benefits of the Honjo Scholarship Foundation

Once you have successfully applied for the Honjo Scholarship Foundation, you will be entitled to the following benefits

  • ¥200,00 per month for one or two years.
  • ¥180,000 per month for three years.
  • ¥150,000 per month for four or five years.
  • Travel stipends to fund the expenses of students attending international programs conducted by the Honjo Scholarship Foundation.
  • The Honjo Scholarship Foundation does not require successful applicants to be in any other scholarship program.
  • While being a beneficiary of the Honjo Scholarship Foundation program, successful applicants may not work other than part-time jobs related to their programs, such as teaching assistants, research assistants, or international exchange affairs, such as interpreters or translators.

Eligibility for the Honjo Scholarship Foundation

To be successful in applying for the Honjo Scholarship Foundation, you must fulfil the following conditions for you to be eligible: –

  • You must be able to speak and understand English Language or Japanese Language
  • At the time of application, students must be enrolled in an academic course commencing in April 2023 at a graduate school in Japan.
  • If you are admitted in April 2023, those who have already applied and those who have not applied, even if you are working at the time of your application, are equally qualified to apply for the Honjo Scholarship Foundation.
  • Also, if you are eligible to be enrolled in graduate school in Autumn 2023, you will be eligible for the scholarship program from April 1 to April 30, 2023.
  • You must be enrolled in an academic program for 12 months.
  • When you apply for a PhD program, you must be 35 years old to begin a PhD course. Similarly, students applying for a Master’s Program should start a Master’s course when they are 30 years old.
  • As part of your career plans, you have a strong desire to serve your country.
  • You must be willing to have a conversation in Japanese with your fellow students. Interviews will be conducted in Japanese.
  • You must have an extensive understanding of building international friendships and must be accountable. Similarly, you must avail yourself of the opportunity of attending any program or conference hosted by the Honjo Scholarship and fully participate in their meetings as an alumni member.
  • Students who are applying to a professional graduate school are ineligible to apply for the Honjo Scholarship Foundation Program. However, students who wish to submit a research proposal can submit one.
  • For more information, download the Guidelines from here.


How to successfully apply for the Honjo Scholarship Foundation

Ensure you carefully read and follow the simple steps required to apply for the Honjo Scholarship Foundation Program.

  • To apply, you should enter and click on the “web application system” and carefully follow the guidelines. Additionally, please submit the following documents on the online application form in PDF format. Once you have completed the application process, you will be sent an application number.
  • Successful applicants’ application numbers will be published on the Honjo Scholarship Foundation Website. Hence, successful applicants are required to save their application number given to them by the Honjo Scholarship Foundation.


Documents Required for the Honjo Scholarship Foundation Program

For the successful approval of your scholarship application form, you must submit the following documents after completing the online application form.

  • Academic transcripts: You must upload your transcripts from undergraduate courses at the university where you graduated or any other courses you are currently enrolled in or have taken in the past. Similarly, transcripts from your previous university, for instance, if you were transferred to another institution, are required. You must provide at least a copy of your academic transcript from your undergraduate course.
  • The scholarship application form, resume, and personal data must be submitted on three pages. Attach your professional portrait to the application form. Download the aforementioned forms provided on the Honjo Scholarship Foundation Website. It must be written in Japanese calligraphy or handwriting.
  • Plan your research: – Your research proposal must include the following: – the topic of your research, and the impact of your research topic on your home country based on the course you are taking in Japan.
  • Your experience and accomplishments regarding research, academics and contemporary issues and project schedule between now and graduation. This must be 2 or 4 pages. Either calligraphy or handwriting.
  • Recommendation Letter: – You are required to submit A letter of recommendation from your supervisor stating your academic strengths, character, and potential traits are required. Your previous supervisor from your formal place of work can also provide a recommendation. The number of pages required is not limited.
  • The person recommending can send the recommendation directly to the Honjo Scholarship Foundation Website without sending it to the recipient. The recommendation letter must be sent by email to info@hisf.or.jp no earlier than the date of the deadline.
  • The file name should include the applicant’s name and the application number. Once you have received the recommendation letter from the recommender, upload the letter to the online application form. Ensure you affixed the recommender’s signature to the recommendation letter. It is highly relevant.
  • Proof of admission letter: This should be uploaded as part of the documents required for the successful application to the Honjo Scholarship Foundation Program. Only the certificate of enrollment must be uploaded if you are already enrolled in the graduate program.


Contact Details:

Visit the Honjo Scholarship Foundation website to learn more about the scholarship and to find out when is the deadline to submit the online application form.


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