Cancer Horoscope for 10-Jun-2018

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So if you're a star sign Cancer this week, first of all, there's gonna be a new moon on Wednesday in Gemini, and so, like every month, a new moon is a fresh start.

It's for a refresher.

Things become lighter again, new opportunities open up. That's the theme of the new moon, it's new. It's in the title.

So perhaps middle of this week you're gonna feel maybe like you have a little more vitality and a little more spirit back, and you can use that to start new projects at home or rekindle relationships, whether it's between family, intimate partners, friends, children, parents, anything really, anything.

Now, there are some aspects that the moon is gonna be getting this week that are of prime importance to your sign specifically.

One of them is that on the day of the new moon, the moon is going to be, just before it comes into the exact new moon position, it's going to be squared by Neptune, and Neptune has an affinity with Cancer and it also does with the moon, and so perhaps your intuition maybe overloads your emotions so maybe you feel way too sensitive and things are just overwhelming.

Well, that new moon may be a sign that you should start taking things slower and giving yourself more space or focusing more on your intuition. Perhaps you've been ignoring it and then now your intuition which is represented by Neptune is gonna come crashing in and say no, hey, you need to listen to me, and then you just decide and you figure out based on your situation what potentialities that I'm talking about are showing themselves in your life.

In addition, Mercury is going to go into Cancer on the same day of the new moon, and Mercury rules Gemini which is where the new moon is in, so you're gonna have a special mental, emotional balance with this new moon and perhaps the intuition, which can also be represented by Mercury on a more mental, less emotional level than Neptune, perhaps those two types of intuition are gonna line up and you'll see a new way to move forward with your life. So just look out for that this week.

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