Capricorn Horoscope for 14-May-2018

How does this all affect your personal life? Find your answers, get a personal reading of your birth chart.

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If you're a Capricorn this week, then you're likely feeling, you're likely feeling refreshed and renewed, as at the beginning of this week there is a new moon in Taurus, which is another earth sign. So you have a natural affinity between all earth signs. And as such, this new beginning is likely to feel positive and you're likely to feel like you're going in a good direction.

Or perhaps you're just recommitted to something that you've already been doing recently. Whether it's committing to a line of work, committing to a business relationship, or committing to an attitude towards life. All of these are valid ways to constructively use that new moon energy in order to start something off on the right foot.

Now there are some ongoing influences in your sign that are happening, that have been happening, really since 2008, namely Pluto. Which has been happening since 2008, and will happen for another five years. And then Saturn, which is the natural ruler of your sign, is in its own sign. So you're likely feeling very structured, and perhaps pressured to live up to the expectations of whoever you find in a position of authority in your life.

And perhaps you're feeling like these pressures are getting to be too much, and they're really weighing you down. And that's a matter of personal discovery for yourself, and also if I could look at your chart and look at the transits in relationship to your chart, I could understand more about how it's affecting you personally. But I will say, generally speaking, that let it play out, and don't be afraid to leave a structure, or leave a job if it's really the right thing for you. And really only you can decide that.

But I can just say that you have nothing to fear but fear itself as FDR put it. So that's pretty much all I can say about your sign.

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