Virgo Horoscope for 08-May-2018

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So, if you're a Virgo this week, there's not really a whole lot that's going on in your sign particularly, that I can talk about, but, I can talk about some longer running trends. One of them being that in one of your fellow Earth signs, Capricorn, there's Saturn and Pluto, that are going to be in there for at least another year and a half, two years. And then, you have Mars in there right now, which is going to last for another two weeks, I'd say. And so you've got a lot of that helping you out in your day to day activities, in your work, and any organizational things, or any cleansing that you might need to do. The structuring aspect of Saturn with the destructive, yet creative through regeneration aspect of Pluto, can really help you along in that during this span of time.

And then Mars, that added influence in the next week or two is really going to give you the energy to use all of that. Now, Mercury is approaching the last degrees of Aries, and so you're likely feeling really rushed, really quick. Maybe you're getting a little ahead of yourself, but that's okay. You've got Saturn to help you out with that, and Neptune is opposite your sign in Pisces. And so, maybe all of this is conflicting with your inner sense of peace and tranquility, and perhaps maybe you are feeling like you can't integrate spirituality with the material realities of every day life, but it's only going to happen for a little while, and it's only there to help you reach a balance. That's your weekly report for this week. Thanks for watching!"

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