Pumphrey Law Scholarship Program

Pumphrey Law Scholarship Program – Undergraduate / Graduate- Semi-Annual

Pumphrey Law Scholarship Program is currently offering scholarships for undergraduates and graduate students. Graduates and undergraduates who want to apply for a scholarship are invited to apply for the Pumphrey Law Scholarship, which is awarded on a semi-annual basis. So, I will show you how you can apply for this scholarship successfully.

If you keep reading this article to the end, I will be explaining the simple steps and how to get started with the application process as simple as ABCD.


About Pumphrey Law Scholarship Program

This scholarship is available for enrolled and prospective students in the United States. In the application form, the applicant should submit an essay with a question tagged as “Why do prosecutors and defense attorneys have different duties?”. Once the application is successful, the student will get up to $750 from this award.

Pumphrey Law is a renowned criminal defense law firm in Tallahassee, Florida. The law firm is structured with partners, attorneys, and employees who are knowledgeable in their field and provide a range of services. Clients are fully satisfied with the guidance of former law enforcement personnel, detectives, and prosecutors.

The criminal law firm in Tallahassee focuses on cases relating to felony and minor cases as well as issues related to administration. Other related cases include violent crimes, drug offenses, driving under the influence, or domestic violence. No matter what the allegations are, the client expects a quick and positive response from the lawyer handling the case.


Attention: Hilde Domin Program/Fully Funded Scholarship for Students at Risk

Convener of the Program: Pumphrey Law Criminal Defense

Name of the scholarship: Semi-Annual Pumphrey Law Scholarship.

Eligibility Status: The scholarship is open to prospective and enrolled American undergraduate and graduate students.

Number of awards: 3 Award

Amount awarded: $750

Academic Status: Undergraduate and graduate students.

Criteria for Pumphrey Law Scholarship Program:-

  • Applicant must be resident in the United States
  • Applicants must be pursuing a degree at an accredited college or university in the USA.
  • Applicants must possess exemplary character and excellence.
  • Scholarship application requirements.
  • A copy of the academic transcript from college or university or proof of admission letter.
  • Submission of an essay with a word count between 800 and 1000 and must contain the following subjects:
  • Why do defense lawyers and prosecutors have different ethical obligations? Which of the ecological tenets-recidivism, retribution, deterrence, and incapacitation do you believe the criminal justice system is currently centered on? What changes need to be made in the criminal justice system to better address some of these principles?
  • What subjects other than the law would be most beneficial to learn during legal school to produce more well-rounded legal advocates?

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Resumption date:

Opening date: Interested applicants are required to resume as soon as possible. Check out the Pumphrey official website to see directly the resumption date.

Important  Links:

Scholarship Official Page

Organization Website

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Contact information

For more information or queries with respect to the scholarship please contact: –

553 E. Tennessee St.(Email: pumphreylawscholarship@gmail.com.)


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