The University of New Mexico Offers Admission for the 2023-2024 Academic Session

Exciting opportunity! The University of New Mexico is thrilled to announce that applications for the upcoming academic session of 2023-2024 are now open.

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To increase your chances of admission, we highly recommend familiarizing yourself with our comprehensive admission guidelines and requirements.

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About the University of New Mexico

The University of New Mexico, established in 1889, is a non-profit public institution of higher education situated in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is a vibrant urban centre with a population ranging from 500,000 to 1,000,000 residents. Alongside its main campus, the university operates branch campuses in Taos, Gallup, Valencia, and Los Alamos.

Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, the University of New Mexico (UNM) is a coeducational institution of significant size (uniRank enrollment range: 20,000-24,999 students). UNM offers a diverse range of courses and programs leading to recognized degrees in various fields of study.

Details regarding degree levels and areas of study can be found in the table attached to this page. With a rich history spanning 134 years, UNM employs a selective admission policy based on entrance examinations, academic records, and grades. This results in an acceptance rate ranging from 90% to 99%.

International students are encouraged to apply for enrollment at this esteemed American higher education institution. UNM provides a host of academic and non-academic facilities and services to its students, including a library, on-campus housing, sports facilities, financial aid and scholarships, study abroad and exchange programs, online courses, distance learning opportunities, and administrative support.

Why should I consider the University of New Mexico?

There are several reasons why studying at the University of New Mexico (UNM) is an excellent choice:

  • Academic Excellence: UNM is a renowned institution known for its academic excellence and high-quality programs. It offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs across various disciplines, including the arts and sciences, business, engineering, health sciences, and more.
  • Diverse and inclusive community: UNM values diversity and fosters an inclusive environment for students from different backgrounds. You’ll interact with a diverse student body, learn from different perspectives, and engage in a vibrant cultural community.
  • Research Opportunities: UNM is a research-intensive university, providing ample opportunities for students to engage in cutting-edge research. Whether you’re an undergraduate or graduate student, you can work closely with faculty members on research projects. You can gain valuable experience and contribute to field advancements.
  • Strong Faculty: The university boasts accomplished professors and experts in their respective fields. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom, ensuring high-quality education and mentorship.
  • Campus Facilities and Resources: UNM offers state-of-the-art facilities, including well-equipped libraries, research labs, computer labs, recreational centres, and more. These resources provide a conducive learning environment and support your academic and personal growth.
  • Location: Situated in Albuquerque, New Mexico, UNM offers an exceptional location with a rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. The region offers a blend of urban amenities and outdoor recreational opportunities, including hiking, skiing, and exploring the stunning landscapes of the Southwest.
  • Networking and Career Opportunities: UNM has strong ties with local industries, businesses, and government agencies, providing students with networking and internship opportunities. Career services can help you explore career paths, connect with potential employers, and prepare for the job market.
  • Affordability: Education costs are a significant consideration for many students. UNM offers competitive tuition rates and various financial aid options, including scholarships, grants, and work-study programs. The university is committed to making education accessible and affordable.
  • Ultimately, the decision to study at the University of New Mexico depends on your individual interests, goals, and priorities. It is imperative to research specific programs, visit campus if possible, and consider how UNM aligns with your academic and personal aspirations.


The University of New Mexico University’s identity

  • Name of the university: University of New Mexico
  • Acronym: UNM
  • Year of creation: 1889
  • Motto: Each one of us defines all of us
  • Colours: Cherry and Silver


The University of New Mexico Campus Location

Address: 1700 Lomas Boulevard Northeast


87106 New Mexico

United States

Tel +1 (505) 277 0111

Fax +1 (505) 277 6019

Other locations are Taos, Gallup, Valencia and Los Alamos


University of New Mexico Areas and Degree Levels

  • Degree Levels:
  • Undergraduate


  • Study Areas:
  • Arts and the Humanities
  • Business and Social Sciences
  • Language and Cultural Studies
  • Medicine and Health
  • Engineering
  • Science and technology


University of New Mexico tuition details

UniRank Tuition Range Matrix™ (for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs)

Level of Study: Undergraduate Level of Study: Postgraduate Student Type: Local Student Type: Local Tuition Range: 7,500-9,999 US$ (6,830-9,110 Euro) Tuition Range: 5,000-7,499 US$ (4,555-6,830 Euro)

Student Type: International Student Type: International Tuition Range: 25,000-29,999 US$ (22,780-27,340 Euro) Tuition Range: 20,000-24,999 US$ (18,225-22,780 Euro)


The University of New Mexico Admission Information

Below is an overview of the admission policy and statistics for the University of New Mexico, as published by UniRank:

Admission policy:

  • Gender: The University of New Mexico admits both men and women, making it a co-ed institution.
  • Minority Serving: The university is a Hispanic-serving institution and has historically focused on promoting education and research among this specific ethnic group(s).
  • Selective Admission: The University of New Mexico follows a selective admission policy. Admission decisions are based on entrance examinations, academic records, and grades.
  • Acceptance Rate: The University of New Mexico’s acceptance rate is 90-99%. This indicates that the institution is relatively less selective among higher education institutions.

Admission requirements:

  • The following requirements are necessary for admission:
  • Secondary school GPA: Having a high-grade point average in secondary school is required.
  • Secondary school rank: Secondary school rank is neither required nor recommended.
  • Secondary school records: Secondary school records are required.
  • College-preparatory program: Completion of a college-preparatory program is required.
  • Recommendations: Recommendations are neither required nor recommended.
  • Competency demonstration: Formal competency demonstration is neither required nor recommended.
  • Admission test scores: Admission test scores are required.
  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language): TOEFL scores are required for non-native English speakers.

Other Tests: Other tests such as Wonderlic, WISC-III, etc., are neither required nor recommended.

International Admissions:

  • International students are encouraged to apply for admission to the University of New Mexico.
  • Admissions Office:
  • The admission office contact details are as follows:
  • Admission Office PO Box 4895 Albuquerque 87196-4895 Phone: (505) 277 2446 Toll-Free: 800 225 5866


The University of New Mexico’s Carnegie Classification

UniRank classifies the University of New Mexico according to Carnegie classification:

  • Basic Classification: Doctoral Universities with Very High Research Activity
  • Size & Setting: The university is a four-year, large institution focused on nonresidential programs.
  • Enrollment Profile: The university has a high number of undergraduate students.
  • Undergraduate Profile: The university offers a four-year program, with a medium number of full-time students. It is an inclusive institution that encourages transfer students.
  • Undergraduate Instructional Program: The university offers a balanced curriculum in the arts and sciences and professional disciplines. Graduate programs are significant.
  • Graduate Instructional Program: The university offers comprehensive research doctoral programs, including medical and veterinary schools.


The University of New Mexico Enrollment Profile

Student Enrollment: The University of New Mexico is classified as an extremely large institution, with student enrollment ranging from 20,000 to 24,999.

  • Academic Staff: The institution employs 2,500 to 2,999 academic employees (faculty).
  • Control Type: The University of New Mexico is a public higher education institution.
  • Entity Type: The University of New Mexico is a non-profit educational institution.
  • Academic Calendar: The institution follows a semester-type academic calendar.
  • Campus Setting: The University of New Mexico’s main campus is situated in an urban setting.
  • Minority Serving: The University of New Mexico is a Hispanic-serving institution and historically focused on promoting education and research among Hispanics.
  • Religious Affiliation: The University of New Mexico is not affiliated with religious organizations.

UNM Facilities and Services

Facilities and Services at the University of New Mexico:

  • Library: The University of New Mexico has a physical library with five branches. The library offers both physical and digital/electronic items. As of 2021, the library reported 3,928,765 physical volumes, 252,891 physical media, 160,698 digital/electronic media, and access to 752 licensed digital/electronic databases. The library is managed by 229 full-time employees, including 129 librarians. Library expenditures exceed $100,000. Source: IPDES.
  • Housing: The University of New Mexico provides on-campus and/or off-campus accommodation options for its students. In the 2021 academic year, dormitories, both on and off campus, could accommodate approximately 2,492 students. Source: IPDES.
  • Sports Facilities: The university offers sporting facilities and organizes various sports activities for its students.
  • Financial Aid: The University of New Mexico offers one or more types of financial aid, such as scholarships, grants, loans, tuition waivers, and emergency financial aid, to eligible students.
  • Study Abroad: Students at the University of New Mexico have opportunities to participate in study abroad and exchange programs.
  • Distance Learning: The university provides distance learning options for certain programs or courses. Specifically, it offers fully online programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Source: IPDES.
  • Academic Counseling: The institution provides academic counselling services to support and guide students in their educational pursuits.
  • Career Services: Career counselling, career assessments, job and internship postings, career events, alumni networking, and other career-related services are available to help students successfully transition from academic life to professional life.
  • Institutional Hospital: The University of New Mexico owns and operates an institutional hospital. This hospital is typically affiliated with a medical school and offers a wide range of healthcare services to patients. It also serves as a teaching hospital for medical students and residents.

University of New Mexico accreditation details

Institutional Recognition or Accreditation: The University of New Mexico holds legal recognition and accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission.

Specialized or Programmatic Accreditations: The University of New Mexico has accreditations from the following organizations:

  • Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).
  • Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International).
  • Computing Accreditation Commission (CAC) of ABET
  • Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) of ABET
  • American Bar Association (ABA), Council of the Section on Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar

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The University of New Mexico’s academic structure

  • Anderson School of Management
  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • College of Education
  • College of Fine Arts
  • College of Nursing
  • College of Pharmacy
  • School of Law
  • School of Medicine
  • University of College
  • School of Engineering
  • School of Public Administration
  • School of Architecture and Planning

University of New Mexico Affiliate and Membership Details

The University of New Mexico is associated with various memberships and affiliations, as listed below. However, please note that this list may not be exhaustive or current. For a comprehensive and up-to-date list, please contact or refer to the official University of New Mexico website.

  • Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities (APLU).
  • Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU)
  • National Athletic Association (NAA).
  • National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).


University of New Mexico Social Media Platform

UniRank provides concise evaluations, rankings, and metrics for select social media platforms associated with the University of New Mexico. These assessments serve as a starting point for comparison and an additional resource for prospective applicants.

  • Facebook: Review of the official Facebook page of the University of New Mexico.
  • Twitter: Review of the official Twitter page of the University of New Mexico.
  • YouTube: Review of the official YouTube channel of the University of New Mexico.
  • Instagram: Evaluation of the University of New Mexico’s Instagram account.
  • LinkedIn: Evaluation of the primary LinkedIn profile representing the University of New Mexico.
  • TikTok: Not applicable; no TikTok presence found.


Admission Websites:

To get more information about the admission process, kindly visit the University of New  Mexico admission official website to get the latest updates.


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