Universiteit Leiden Offers Admission for the 2023-2024 Academic Session

Amazing opportunity! Universiteit Leiden is thrilled to announce that applications are now being accepted for the upcoming academic session of 2023-2024.

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To increase your chances of admission, we highly recommend familiarizing yourself with our comprehensive admission guidelines and requirements.

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About Universiteit Leiden


Leiden University, also known as Universiteit Leiden, is a prestigious non-profit public higher education institution founded in 1575. It is located in the charming urban environment of Leiden, a small city in South Holland. It has a population ranging from 50,000 to 249,999 inhabitants. In addition to its main campus in Leiden, the university also operates a branch campus in Den Haag.

Leiden University is officially recognized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science of the Netherlands, known as the Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap, Nederland. It is the largest coeducational Dutch institution, enrolling between 25,000 and 29,999 students, according to UniRank.

The university offers a wide range of courses and programs, leading to recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees across various fields of study. The specific degree levels and areas of study can be found in the UniRank table below.

With a rich history spanning 448 years, Leiden University maintains a selective admission policy, considering students’ academic records and grades. International applicants are also welcome to apply for enrollment and join the vibrant academic community.

Apart from academic excellence, Leiden University provides students with a host of facilities and services. These include a well-equipped library, sports facilities, financial aid, scholarships, study abroad and exchange programs, and comprehensive administrative support to ensure a fulfilling educational experience.

Why should I consider the Technische Universität München?

Studying at Universiteit Leiden can offer several compelling reasons for prospective students. Here are some key factors that make Universiteit Leiden an attractive choice:

  • Academic Excellence: Universiteit Leiden is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the Netherlands, renowned for academic excellence. It consistently ranks among the top universities globally and is known for its strong research programs and high-quality education.
  • Wide Range of Programs: The university offers a diverse range of programs across various disciplines, including the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, law, medicine, and more. Whether you’re interested in arts and culture, sciences, or law and governance, Universiteit Leiden provides a broad spectrum of study options to suit your interests.
  • Strong Research Environment: The university has a long-standing tradition of research excellence and fosters a vibrant research community. It collaborates with leading international research institutes and hosts numerous research projects. This provides students with ample opportunities to engage in cutting-edge research and contribute to knowledge creation.
  • International Environment: Universiteit Leiden has a strong international orientation and attracts students from around the world. Studying in a global environment offers a chance to connect with diverse cultures, perspectives, and ideas. This enriches the learning experience and prepares students for a globalized world.
  • Innovative Teaching Methods: The university is committed to innovative and effective teaching methods. It emphasizes interactive learning, small-group discussions, and practical experiences, enabling students to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills.
  • Supportive Student Services: Universiteit Leiden offers comprehensive support services to help students succeed academically and personally. These services include academic advisors, career counselling, language support, mental health support, and student organizations, ensuring a well-rounded and supportive learning environment.
  • Access to Resources: As a student at Universiteit Leiden, you’ll have access to state-of-the-art facilities, well-equipped libraries, research centres, and laboratories. The university invests in infrastructure and resources to provide students with the tools they need to excel in their studies.
  • Vibrant Student Life: Leiden is a vibrant student city with a rich cultural heritage and a lively social scene. The university’s location allows students to enjoy a wide range of extracurricular activities, such as sports clubs, student associations, cultural events, and international student networks. This enhances their overall university experience.

Ultimately, the decision to study at Universiteit Leiden depends on your personal interests, goals, and preferences. It is essential to research and consider the specific programs, faculty, and opportunities offered. This is to determine if it aligns with your academic and career aspirations.


Universiteit Leiden’s identity

  • Name of the university: Universiteit Leiden
  • Name of the university: Leiden University
  • Acronym: LEI
  • Year of creation: 1575
  • Motto: Praesidium Libertatis, Stronghold of Liberty
  • Colours: Blue and white


Universiteit Leiden Campus Location

Address Rapenburg 73
2311 EZ South Holland
NetherlandsTel+31 (71) 527 8011Fax+31 (71) 527 3118Other locations Den Haag


Universiteit Leiden Areas and Degree Levels

Degree Levels:

  • Undergraduate
  • Postgraduate

Study Areas:

  • Arts and the Humanities
  • Business and Social Sciences
  • Language and Cultural Studies
  • Medicine and Health
  • Engineering
  • Science and technology


Universiteit Leiden tuition details

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Domestic Students 2,500-4,999 US$ (2,280-4,555 Euro) 2,500-4,999 US$ (2,280-4,555 Euro) International Students 12,500-14,999 US$ (11,390-13,670 Euro) 17,500-19,999 US$ (15,950-18,225 Euro)

Universiteit Leiden Admission Information

Admission Information and Statistics

Here is a concise overview of LEI admission policy and statistics, as published by UniRank:

  • Admission by Gender: LEI admits both men and women, making it a coeducational institution.
  • Admission Selection: LEI follows a selective admission policy. The selection process is based on students past academic records and grades.
  • Acceptance Rate: The acceptance rate range for LEIn is unavailable.
  • International Admissions: Universiteit Leiden warmly welcomes international students and encourages them to apply for admission.
  • Admission Office: If you have inquiries or need assistance regarding admission, you can contact the Admission Office at the following address: Pieterskerkhof 6, Leiden Phone: (71) 527 8011


Universiteit Leiden Enrollment Profile

Below are some significant size and profile indicators for Universiteit Leiden, as published by UniRank.

Student Enrollment: Universiteit Leiden has a substantial student enrollment ranging from 25,000 to 29,999, making it an important institution.

  • Academic Staff: The institution employs 1,500 to 1,999 academic employees (faculty members).
  • Control Type: Universiteit Leiden is a public higher education institution.
  • Entity Type: Universiteit Leiden is a non-profit educational institution.
  • Academic Calendar: The institution follows a semester-based academic calendar.
  • Campus Setting: The main campus of Universiteit Leiden is situated in an urban setting.
  • Religious Affiliation: Universiteit Leiden has no religious affiliations.

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LEI Facilities and Services

Facilities and Services Overview:

The Universiteit Leiden offers a range of facilities and services to enhance the student experience. Here is an overview of what the institution provides:

  • Library: The university has a physical library for students. It serves as a valuable resource for research, study materials, and academic support. Visit the Universiteit Leiden’s Library for more information.
  • Housing: Information regarding housing facilities is unavailable. Please contact the university directly for housing details.
  • Sports Facilities: The institution boasts sporting facilities and organizes various sports activities for students. This encourages a healthy and active lifestyle in the student community.
  • Financial Aid: Eligible students have access to one or more types of financial aid, including scholarships, grants, loans, tuition waivers, emergency financial aid, and other forms of financial assistance.
  • Study Abroad: The university offers study abroad and exchange program opportunities, allowing students to broaden their academic horizons and gain international exposure.
  • Distance Learning: Information about distance learning options is not provided. Please contact the university for further details on remote learning opportunities.
  • Academic Counseling: Students receive guidance and support in their academic pursuits through academic counselling services. The institution is committed to helping students achieve their educational goals.
  • Career Services: The university provides comprehensive career services, including career counselling, assessments, job and internship postings, career events, alumni networking, and other resources. These services help students transition from academic life to professional life.
  • Institutional Hospital: Universiteit Leiden operates an institutional hospital affiliated with its medical school. This hospital offers a wide range of healthcare services to patients while also serving as a teaching hospital for medical students and residents.

Please note that specific details and additional services may be available. For more information, please contact Universiteit Leiden directly.


Universiteit Leiden accreditation details

Institutional Recognition or Accreditation: The Universiteit Leiden holds official recognition and accreditation from the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science of the Netherlands.

Specialized or Programmatic Accreditations The Netherlands-Vlaamse Accreditatieorganisatie (NVAO) has awarded accreditation to specific programs at the Universiteit Leiden.

Universiteit Leiden’s academic structure

  • Leidem School of Law
  • Faculty of Medicine and Leiden University Medical Center
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs

Universiteit Leiden Affiliate and Membership Details

The following is a selection of notable memberships and affiliations of Universiteit Leiden as published by UniRank. Please note that this list may not be exhaustive or current. For a comprehensive list, we recommend Universiteit Leiden’s official website.

  • European University Association (EUA).
  • League of European Research Universities (LERU).
  • Coimbra Group
  • Europaeum
  • Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA)
  • Council of International Schools (CIS).
  • National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC).
  • International Association for College Admission Counseling (IACAC).

For the most up-to-date and complete information, please visit the official website of Universiteit Leiden.

Universiteit Leiden Social Media Platform

UniRank provides concise evaluations, rankings, and metrics for several social media platforms affiliated with Universiteit Leiden. These assessments serve as a starting point for comparison and an additional resource to aid prospective applicants in their selection process.


Admission Websites:

To get more information about the admission process, Kindly visit the Universiteit Leiden’s admission official website to get the latest updates.


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